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It is with much pleasure that we receive you at LOG`EL Science Foundation website. This platform which contains information on the various initiatives that have been created and sustained by diverse teams of Innovators and Entrepreneurs mainly hailing from the fields of applied science, technology and innovation.

Brief Analysis

Applied science are critical drivers in all our lives, i.e. serving as dynamic sources of socio- economic development, climate resilience and, poverty reduction among other factors. Advances in scientific and technological knowledge make significant improvement in the quality and sustenance of life within and between individuals, households and societies. Hence, the need to strengthen applied science for community-wide empowerment which encompasses better livelihoods, improved nutrition together with a climate resilience-driven environment. This is quite critical given that currently the world is advancing at a rapid pace of development whereby efforts to utilize resources to meet today’s needs should not compromise the needs of future generations.



LOG`EL Science Foundation is a research and development, science and technology organization established on the basis of working to foster a relationship between innovation-driven science and technology development. The organization is registered as a Non Government organization with a registration number (Reg. No. S.5914/7140).

A society of technology-led innovators who are self-sustaining and situations resilient.

To ensure that technology-led innovators become self-sufficient and situations-resilient through the avenues of capacity building self-advocacy, networking and dynamic growth and development.

Incubation Programme

This program provides services to assist technology start-ups in their vulnerable inception stages, enabling them to grow and flourish.? The objective is to encourage and promote innovation-based entrepreneurship by providing relevant assistance and support.

Science And Technology Outreach

The program is aimed at propelling young persons’s intentions for science, technology and engineering careers. The program engages the youth across the country by providing face-to-face connections..

Internship Programme

his is aimed at enabling students to convert academic theoretical knowledge into practical skills. It acts as a conduit for preparing young learners for the workplace as it sharpens career development,..

Entrepreneurship Programme

This program is aimed at inculcating the culture of entrepreneurship into the mind-sets of young people leading to the creation of a rich, combination of young peoples` capacities in creative, business, scientific, technological, agricultural and production operations

ICT Skills Programme

This program aims at developing and applying ICT skills in all science and technology undertakings in schools, workplaces and above all in the community (agro-based initiatives inclusive).

Technology Transfer

The Technology Transfer Program promotes the transfer and/or exchange of technology with academia, industry and?…

What has been said

LOG`EL’s innovative work inspires us in government to implement our innovation policies through sufficient budget support

Senior Policy Maker, Government of Uganda

My participation technology contests organized by LOG`EL Science Foundation has uplifted my level of confidence and self-esteem when it comes to translating my knowledge in computer coding into solutions that can benefit communities in their living conditions .

Second year university student (Makerere University)

From my firsthand experience, the EPICS in IEEE project coordinated by LOG`EL Science Foundation is a valuable platform from which effective knowledge circulation can occur from science and engineering students to communities .

Senior science teacher at Agha-Khan Primary school

For the first time in our community, it is now possible for us use simplified and customized technologies and to solve our daily living challenges. This has been made possible by LOG`EL’s ssocietal approaches.

Community Development Officer – Luwero Town Council

Support Our Work

Your contribution will support what has become the brand of Log`el Science Foundation. Promoting scientific enterprise, harnessing the creativity and innovation and inculcating entrepreneurial mindset amongst the future generations. Please explore ways of supporting us. Your support is appreciated and represents a vote of confidence for our work.


Were always interested in new ideas, projects, big or small. Please dont hesitate to get in touch with us regarding your project.

If you want to contact us about any issue please call (+256) 752 378101 or send us an e-mail. If you would like to submit a proposal for consideration.

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